How can money be withdraw from consolidated fund of India?

How far power of separation of power is applicable in parliamentary form of government?

What is procedure for appointment of the judges supreme court India ?

How is India a socialist Republic?

What is the modern concept of separation of power?

Discuss the legal nature of advisory opinion given by the supreme court of India.

Distinguish between constitutional law and constitutionalism.

Discuss the significance of the preamble of the constitution .

What are the essential of a federal constitution?

What do you understand by colourable legislation?

Discuss the relationship between the president and the council of ministers. Does the president of India have any discretionary power?

‘A’ who is not a member of either house of parliament was appointed as minister . He fails to get elected as a member of either House during the period of six consecutive months after he was appointed as a minister and reigned . can he be reappointed again?

On what grounds can the judge of supreme court be removed?